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Team Communication


Each New Month. Everything winds back to O.
Most important check all emails you will receive from SFI.
Complete all tasks SFI Set for you to achieve Growth.

For simple, brief explanations of how the SFI program works.
Log into
How to become an EA.
The Plan Leadership climbing.
There we go the plan for the month.


I am starting July with a bang.
Check daily emails and my forum post and leave your ideas.
So all our team can do a little brain storming.
Remember to click hot spot tab above, scroll down and click Genealogy to view your Over ride earnings.
Times this by 4% to give you a rough idea of team overrides.
Click Scoreboard to view PSA and CSA activity and earnings.
Check top movers and keep in contact.


How To Achieve EA Monthly.
Start with locking in your Auto Renewal 100 T Credit Package for $29.00.
This gives you 1200 VP. Then use these T Credits to generate the 300 VP required to achieve EA.
Daily To Do Actions, winnings with participating with the Austro bids.
Playing the EZ games daily, redeeming your rewardicals into VP.
Check your E email for my Genealogy Post I just sent.


Welcome to all new team members. My Tips to success.
I Make SFI my first investment monthly before spending elsewhere.
I do not spread my wings to far. I make SFI my Daily Top Priority.
I have not missed a day logging in since 2013.
I play Games Daily.. Bid in Auctions..
I buy T Credits, Spend T Credits. Win T Credits.

Need VP Or some T Credits, then use your rewardicals to get some.



"If at any time you're feeling overwhelmed, just click the button with the rocket on it--located at the top of the page to return to your Launch Pad Training.
Stay focused, researching one new topic daily. Rest assured—all that stuff that looks overwhelming right now—is really just awesome tools and resources.
Everything will begin to make sense and you will be delighted that you have so many powerful tools to build your business with."


Most of us think we Need Lots O f Customers and Affiliates to get what we want.
Instead of spending here there and everywhere.
I suggest Place an Auto Delivery for T Credits Today.
Achieve Bronze, Activate your Big O Membership and start receiving Random PSA Spillover.
View the Different T Credit Packages.
Create the trickle down effect today where all our team will benefit.


Lets get some action happening at the forum today.
Leave a comment then I will share new PSA members to random team members 1n my PSA down line for participation.
make todays task to check your Smart Start Training.
Click the Start Button and be sure to view your Up line Sponsors.

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Always check your Stream Posts for all SFI Updates.

Have you set your January SFI goals?

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I thought I would share the actions I do to achieve Gold Team Leader Monthly.
It is absolutely essential that you thoroughly read, digest, and, most importantly, consistently

APPLY the Launch Pad Training information to your SFI business.

I log in daily turning all Red Tabs Green.
I read all forum posts and news updates.
Once I have done this. I click the rocket above and refresh my memory with launch pad updates.

I start the beginning of each month, paying my Auto Renewal for the SFI builder Bundle.

Receiving the Special Building Something Great badge.
Around the 9th of each month I buy a S-Builder Co-op Unit.

Around the 15th of each month I buy 1 PSA to go.

I bid in Astro Launch daily using my Move and Matches I win to Play Poker.

Every Monday I activate the Prime Game to be entered with my League.
I then do google searches for sites to go and blast my SFI programs.
I use social media daily. Facebook Groups, LinkeDIn etc.
I lock in 50% to the big O so I can share 50% with new PSA Signups.

I run competitions for my SFI team sending them to my SFI leadership page blog.
I send this post via the Genealogy once a month to all my Top Movers.

Feel free to duplicate and share with all your team.

REMEMBER! Following these steps will not GUARANTEE SFI Gold Team Leader.

As with any business it took me time to build a strong team.

YOUR participation, communication, and advertising will determine your results.

Maree. SFI team building in New Zealand.

Wow these members see the big picture.
My PSA. Congrads Martine and Mutu,
My CSA. Mar, Silver Jean and Maria Br Bryant, Nicki Amalja Keith and Arthur EA Awesume I say.
Instead of spending here there and everywhere in advertising.
EA qualified. Random PSA and CSA and 100 T Credits, 350 Rewardical Tokens.
Be sure to lock in your Builder Bundle today.


Every VP counts! 15 minute daily planner.
Get into the habit of starting at SFI DAILY. Turning all red tabs green.

Read the Forum and SFI News posts. Rinse Wash Repeat.

No matter what the universe throws at us.

We all are the masters of our own destiny. Read my Forum Thought.
See the big picture, setting your yearly goals.
Be happily surprised as you start to create that snow ball effect.
Your earnings growing larger month by month year by year.

Instead of thinking what cash I have earned.
I think what savings I have made.
Unheard of else where.
SFI rewards you for participation.
See the big picture, setting your yearly goals.
Lock in your Auto Renewal today.
Be happily surprised as you start to create that snow ball effect.
Your earnings growing larger month by month year by year.
Be sure to check the forum daily for all updates.

Don't spend countless hours debating over why Affiliates signup and then do nothing.
Focus On Sorting And NOT Convincing!
I follow My Sponsor Leon's Post at the forum:
Best Tip! Invest T Credits, Playing Games , spend T credits.
Earning T Credits with redeeming Rewardicals.
Earning from all your PSA team and CSA spending.
Rinse Wash Repeat Daily.
I have not missed a day logging in since 2013.

I am so excited with the new daily game challenge.
I will be buying T Credits instead of playing at other sites.
SFI is the real deal. Why play elsewhere.
Remember you earn from all your team buying T Credits also.

Hi everyone. Be sure to read my forum post. How to participate with Astro Bidding.
This is so cool and very exciting. Also remember to review the Smart Start Program.
Refresh your memory with the Launch pad Training.
I was quite surprised with my commissions. They were a lot higher than May.
The sky really is the limit.

View my new Genealogy Forum Post. Leave a comment to show your team support.
For the first year set your goals and work towards achieving those goals.
Things will fall into place the more you participate.
Need help send me a message.

Most important Check smart start EVERY BODY. Click Start Here.
View all Launch Pad Training top 14 posts. Then click blue links at the right.
Study 1-3 new articles daily. Leaders succeed with reading.
Check Top Movers and introduce yourself with sending an E Card sharing the link with all newbies.
Tell them the importance of logging in daily is the way to succeed.

I start each day checking my SFI inbox.

Click the envelope at the right this will open your communication inbox.

Example I click where it reads..  Charles Moore is now a BTL!
A box will open. Giving details of the individuals achievements email address etc.
YOU may privately send them an email via G Mail. BUT NEVER SPAM THEM.
Good news! One of your CSAs has just qualified as a Bronze Team Leader (BTL):
For more information on Charles, see.
Click the blue link to go and send them an E Card.

At the left tick each individual link SFI INBOX (15) THEN PSA/CSA Notifs (12)
Reply to each message. Then tidy up your inbox.
Tick the empty boxes at the left then tick the rubbish bin above to delete them.
CLICK the house Icon TOP left to return to your SFI home page.

SHARE All SFI NEWS LETTERS. TO Face Book. Twitter and Google +

Click the Alerts Button and View

Latest Announcements +  Latest Forum Thread.

The first thing I do when I receive SFI News Letter emails from SFI with updates I share the newsletter to face book google+ and Twitter.  Open the News letter.  Scroll down to where it reads.

Rate this:  I always click the 5th Star. YOU will see individual tabs to click to share to face book etc.
Example  CLICK share to face book a box will open. 

ADD A MESSAGE. Example New and exciting updates at SFI.

Bottom right you will see a box  Post to face book CLICK THIS WITH Google+ you will see a Blue Box top right POST.

Click this to send.

TWITTER the message is already entered. Bottom right click the blue box TWEET.

JOIN our Facebook Group. Feel free to duplicate my Posts.

All these pages are designed with the easy webmaster at my Domain Provider GDI. Your $10.00 monthly investment will provide you with a great domain to design your SFI reference library individual pages, giving access to all your SFI team when you are off line.

TRUE 24/7 support when you are off line, sleeping, entertaining, shopping,visiting friends, gardening etc.



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