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Welcome to SFI.

The Internet lifestyle is a great way to generate a real income on-line daily.

View my badges! All the proof you need for on line success.




My story is this … Nothing to something within 2 years.

Welcome my name is Maree Wells.

I live in Christchurch New Zealand. I am the Co-Founder and Developer of the Dollar Wise Network. (Established 2009).
Now in 2018 I incorporate My On Line Programs to Generate a real income on line.
I Originally joined SFI in 2010. Then due to the Christchurch Earthquakes in 2011.
I lost my entire team as I had no access to the internet.

Here is my SFI Story.


I simply picked myself up and reactivated my SFI Account in 2013.

I have never missing a day logging in since 2013.

My Goal and Mission for 2018.

Is to supply a great Network, showing my SFI team had to avoid all the scams and false hype on line.
I have invested thousands of dollars and hours over the years.
Researching thousands of business opportunities.
Putting together my Dollar Wise Network Down line builder program for team building SFI.

WHY SFI!  I decided on SFI years ago because I like the fact you can view where their offices are located.  They pay Via PayPal or you can be paid Via Payoneer Master Card.

In order to make a lot of money online you need a product every online marketer needs!
SFI is and always will be an absolutely bestseller!

Personally instead of paying numerous different on line Programs for advertising SFI.  I always make sure to make my Top Monthly Priority is to have funds in my account to cover my SFI Auto Renewal Subscriptions.

This is your GOAL To Achieve.Locking in your Monthly Auto Renewal at SFI.

Builder Bundle (100 TCredits + PSAs, CSAs, and more!)


Receiving the Special Building Something Great badge.
Plus T Credits & random Psa and CSA Members.

I then pay for my Domain Provider GDI  and Auto-Responder Traffic Wave Monthly.

Here is where I design all my SFI Reference Articles.   http://www.dwsearner.ws

Giving my SFI team access to my website, when I am off line. True 24/7 Support.

Traffic Wave is where I design my SFI campaign capturing email addresses, building my client base.




Direct Commissions.

SFI's Direct Commission program is powerful because once you sign up a member or affiliate, they become your customer for life! 

With our new allocation and method of assigning up to four Co-Sponsors, we will be able to offer even more CSAs which will make it even harder to resist, and will result in even more of your new affiliates advancing to EA in their first 30 days.
This of course can explode group activity and commissions for sponsors and upline Team Leaders.

I  use my AIOP (Affiiate Income Online Programs) Down line builder sites listed at http://www.mareedesigns.com to advertise SFI on a daily basis.

Maree Designs is Payza Verified. Members can transfer their Payza Commissions over to their Bit Coin Wallets. Great incentive for building your Crypto-currency Portfolio using the Block Chain Network.

Members also gain access here to all my SFI training video's and Articles at http://www.abc4income.com

SFI President and CEO, and founder of SFI, is Gery Carson.

From 1985 to 1998, Gery was a top marketer and record-breaking distributor for several direct sales companies and a successful business magazine publisher.

Known for his innovation, Gery has been a pioneering force in the direct mail and Internet marketing industries for more than two decades.

His extraordinary achievements as an entrepreneur have been spotlighted in “Money Maker’s Monthly,” “Up line,” “Opportunity World Magazine,” and in numerous books and videos.

In 1998, Gery set out to “put a dent in the universe” by creating SFI, a ground-breaking program that would utilize the Internet to empower and enrich the lives of millions of people around the world.

Today, with 15,275 new affiliates joining in the last week alone, SFI is one of the fastest growing companies of its kind in the world and is well on its way to achieving Gery’s vision.
Set your goals monthly and for the first year work towards achieving that goal.

“Gery Carson’s Quote” Did you know that you usually have to fail, often multiple times, before you get to success? It was true for me and probably will be for you too. Persist until you win!

Personally if I had given up in my first six months at SFI I would of missed out on all my earnings I achieve now as a Gold Team Lead.

SFI (Strong Future International) Marketing Group was launched in 1998.
Starting with just one product.  Sold only in the United States,
SFI has now grown to more than 90,000 products and services (and growing daily) sold in more than 190 countries around the world.

It may all seem quite over whelming when you first join SFI.
The real test is not about earning in the first few months.
It should be about setting up your network and setting goals to start growing that nest egg.
Daily Tasks. Combine my 30 day training articles with your SFI Training Launch pad lessons.
Let SFI, in their series of welcome emails, walk you through getting started.
If you’re not sure how to get started, head over to our exclusive training for new affiliates:
To get started, simply log in at the SFI Affiliate Center and start working on the personalized To-Do List located on your SFI homepage.

At Your Service!
SFI is known for many things–innovation, a generous compensation plan, and world-class marketing tools–to name a few.  But we're also known for passionately and vigorously supporting our affiliates!  After all, we succeed ONLY if our affiliates succeed. Hence, when you need help, SFI is at your service:

The following are my keys of my success with SFI:
1) Keep always in mind and refer back often to the Launch Pad Training series.
2) With the above in mind, follow carefully your to do list every day:  Turning all Red Tabs Green.
3) Daily be sure to read the SFI News Letters Plus Participate with the Forum conversations.
Change your shopping habits by purchasing via your own on line Triple Click Store.
Supporting local ECA within your community.
This is OUR store and by purchasing your shampoo, vitamins, electronics, clothing, gifts...etc you are in turn, supporting YOUR OWN business.
No out of pocket expense. Change my SFI Id to yours, grab your link and blast every where. http://www.tripleclicks.com/11189449
Start purchasing what already is added to your house hold budget.

Also, don't forget that you can earn multiple types of commissions on your CSA and PSA members activities.  See https://www.sfimg.com/CompPlan
for complete details and make sure YOU have qualified yourself before the
end of the month to earn these commissions.

How to become an EA.
The Plan Leadership climbing.

Refer back to this link often.. READ IT MULTIPLE TIMES>


This is the plan I follow daily.


Do this Daily.  Clicking all Red Tabs Making Sure they turn GREEN.
View the SFI Newsletters listed on SFI Home Page and participate with the forum.
Check all Emails for the Launch Pad Training. Complete Daily.
New To Our SFI Team.

Yes, and this morning I got CSA rewards.
They do not have them in the mover, but they're in the genealogy.
In the genealogy filter, choose a new CSA today.


All the proof you need of SFI Success View Our Team.
With activating the big O Program I am sharing all new signups on auto pilot,  with all our team that show they are willing to learn and are participating Daily.
YOU will see Elizabeta as one of my DD team leaders.
I did not hesitate to reassign her to one of my team working hard Mutu.
Now this fifth spot will be replaced with a NEW DD Team Leader I will start to train.

Members! In order to make a lot of money online you need a product every online marketer needs!   SFI is and always will be an absolutely bestseller!
Make your goal to try and recruit 3 EA Leaders monthly then these three duplicate the same system generating 3 EA Leaders, creating that trickle down effect 12 Levels deep.
I designed this package way back in 2013 to support all my team and friends.
Earn 146 VP  10 Rewardicals  with each purchase.

Now imagine if you had a sales team and you teach them to do the same thing.

You will start to earn revenues on every action they decide to make.
Imagine some of those people who buy monthly do other things, like play games or bid in auctions or buy other things or open a store themselves.
You could start building a great online business.

There is no secret with SFI to achieve Success.
It is very simple..  Sell T Credits. Buy T Credits. Play with T Credits.
SFI is unique and one of the very few online programs that rewards all their members for shopping and selling. 

My rank on the June 2018 VP Leader board: 48
Patience with a little persistence will equal profit in the not to distant future. 
If you set goals, structure a daily planner to follow. 

Do not stray or be lured away.
It will seem tedious and boring doing the same thing day in day out. 
As you start to create that snow ball effect watching your rewardicals, down line and earnings start to grow larger month by month year by year.  It will all be worthwhile.
Triple Clicks T Credits are ESSENTIAL for taking full advantage of the services available to Zing Network members.
6 Great Ways To Use Your T Credits:
Earning from all your team purchases.

Lets make 2018 ROCK!..  🌹🌸
“My Mission is to Show You How To Transform Your Home Business Online.
Generating a Client Base With Repeat Sales….”
This Year Larry and Keith Both Celebrate 17 years with SFI. 🌹🌸
YES we all saw the Big Picture with SFI.
For an overview of all the benefits this entitles you to, see:

Quote of the Day! I love reading these at SFI.
"Success...seems to be connected with action. Successful men keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don't quit."  -Conrad Hilton

Tip of the Day

Don't let your free TCredits go to waste!

Did you know that as an EA or above, you get FREE TCredits every month you maintain 1,500 VP or above?

Beginning in their second consecutive month with 1,500 VP or more, EAs receive 10 TCredits, BTLs get 12, STLs get 14, GTLs receive 16, PTLs are awarded 18 TCredits, and DTLs get 20 TCredits each month. Your free TCredits accumulate in your TC account until they expire (1 year after being issued) or you use them.

Set aside some time to view. http://www.sfimg.com/path

These FREE TCredits give you--not to mention your qualified team members--a wonderful opportunity to explore TripleClicks, bid on Pricebenders Auctions, participate in Eager Zebra games, and more...and all at absolutely no risk!

It just doesn't get easier than this. Take a moment now, and log in to TripleClicks.com to view the number of TCredits on your account. And be SURE to trumpet these free TCredits to your team members with 1,500 VP, as well as your up-and-coming affiliates!




So that no new affiliate can ever say they’re weren’t aware of the great Smart Start program…
1. For every new affiliate's first 30 days, he or she will see a bright gold banner atop every page of the Affiliate Center. This banner features a big countdown clock that ticks down second by second.

Here’s a sample of what the banner looks like for an affiliate's firs 48 hours.

Quick Access Launch Pad! Click   https://www.sfimg.com/smart
CLICK Where it Reads HERE to open your Launch Pad Training.  
YOU will see 14 Main Titles. At the Far RIGHT in the blue box you will see the related articles to each topic. Be sure to click and view each topic that is not showing a green arrow beside each heading.  Read it, at the bottom of the page click the box where it reads I've read this review to generate the green arrow. CLICK the back Arrow to return. Repeat.   The SFI Ultra Basic Plan is all you need to follow to start building a successful SFI business.

Review these links every spare moment you have.



Start with introducing yourself to your up line.
Hover you mouse over where it reads Support. Scroll down and click where it reads your Upline.
Your SPONSOR is the person in your up line most responsible for your support. Therefore, when you have questions, we strongly encourage you to ALWAYS contact your Sponsor first. My Up line Sponsor is Leon He joined SFI in 2000.
THIS is why I can not stress enough. TO Make SFI a Long Term Project. The Benefits will follow the longer you participate daily, gaining knowledge and building a client base.
IMPORTANT! Be sure to enter the e-mail addresses of your SFI sponsor, co-sponsor, and team leaders into your e-mail account's whitelist so you'll be sure to receive important messages from your up line!
YOU will also find the link to your Sponsor and CSA Sponsor Leadership Pages. 
Be sure to view their blog tips, rewards, incentives, best tips, recommendations etc.
If in my SFI Down line. Check often for our team competitions.

See where the red arrow is pointing in the picture above.
Any questions click the eye glass.
A search box will appear type in any question here. To view instructions and training.