Gery's Tip of the Day!  SFI Co-op Manager & The Magic Of Co-oping

A special message from SFI President & Founder, Gery Carson.

Back in the 80's and early 90's, before I founded SFI.

I was a very visible and highly successful player in network marketing.

In fact, I built some of the largest down lines seen at the time and was the No. 1 distributor for a number of network marketing companies.
What was the biggest key to my success? Co-op advertising!

Early in my network marketing career, I saw how powerful co-op advertising was, and I used it to the greatest extent possible.
Co-op advertising is a popular and VERY powerful method of advertising in which two or more people share the cost of advertising and the resulting benefits.

It allows you and your team members to pool your dollars together to advertise, and then share in the resulting leads generated.
But the benefits go beyond shared leads.
The real power of your co-op lies in the fact that YOU are the co-op leader.

Because of the SFI commission structure, you can actually earn on EVERY new affiliate your co-op attracts—not just those who get recorded as having you as their sponsor.
Think about how powerful that is!
Let's say you create a co-op where shares are $50 apiece. You put in $50 yourself and you get 40 members of your down line to also participate for $50 each.

When you run your ads, you'll have over $2,000 in advertising working for you (yet you only put in $50 yourself)!
But it wasn't just you who benefited. EVERYONE wins, of course, because you provided a way for your inexperienced team members to get leads flowing into their groups quickly, easily, inexpensively, and with low-risk.

Co-ops are AWESOME!

I once created a co-op for a direct mail campaign that went out to over 100,000 people.

Yet my cost for printing and postage for this mammoth mailing was ZERO.

You can do the same thing.

You can do all kinds of co-ops and create phenomenal growth, activity, and excitement in your group.
And here's the best part:

When I did my co-ops in the past, there was a significant amount of manual work that had to be done to set them up, track the results, distribute the leads, etc.
However, through the SFI Co-op Manager, we do all the heavy lifting and provide you the platform to create and run easy, no-fuss co-ops.

All you have to do is plug in your co-op participants and collect payments.

(Tip: PayPal is a great tool for this).

Not everyone can afford to invest thousands into a training program for their SFI team to follow. 
I allow everyone to share this information that are not in my SFI Team.
I would suggest to set up your Coop at SFI then use the bulk funds to advertise at the down line builder programs you see listed in the TMP down line builder sales funnel porthole.

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Description Regular Order Auto-Delivery
Versa Points (VP) 182 182
Commission Volume (CV) $2.44 $2.44
Team Override (TO) 1 $0.10 ($1.17 total) $0.10 ($1.17 total)

Direct Commissions
Buyer is PSA $0.49 $0.49
Buyer is PRM $1.27 $1.27

Co-Sponsor Commissions
Buyer is PSA 2 $0.20 ($0.78 total) $0.20 ($0.78 total)
Buyer is PRM 3 0 0
1 Paid to the 12 upline Team-Override-qualified affiliates.
2 Total amount shown is paid to the four Co-Sponsors of the buyer, if the buyer is an SFI affiliate.
3 If buyer is not an SFI affiliate, the entire Co-Sponsor Commission is paid to the buyer's Referrer.