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To Activate your E Book Re-sellers Licence view the fiverr gig and lock in the premium package. COST $55.00...

Our Bit Coin E Book Club offers the serious affiliate marketer, An Online Business, on selling E books, to their down line.

While Generating a Second Income Working from home.

Via Our AIOP (Affiliate Income Online Programs)Network, Social Media Facebook Groups. (SFIPays) or any On Line Store Members might own.

My Dollar Wise Network (AIOP) Consists of 4 "Instant Commission" Traffic Resources!
Just Use Each Source To Get Commissions From The Other 3...


Creating yourself a "Perpetual Feedback Loop" Of Traffic & Instant Commissions Today!
Start generating a Real Income Online WITH Numerous Income Resources...
As your TEAM Duplicate the SAME SYSTEM...
Signing up via our Down line Programs at Maree Designs Via THEIR SPONSORS LINKS>>>>

SFI Members can use their T Credits or MRP Points to purchase these great packages Via Maree's ECA Store.  Free E Book Bonus included with each purchase..

                   Broaden Your Knowledge! Teaching YOUR SFI Action Takers.

Newbies guide to success. Proven and Paying.

3 star page articles to read then succeed.

Includes E Book. ABC4Affiliates online.

A-Z Guide for On line Marketing. Video's and Digital Article Download.

RECEIVE ! SFI Online. EBook + ABC4Affiliates Online.
With Digital Download Instructions.

Monthly Fab Cash Prize Giveaways.  Enter Promo Code at DWSEarner “FiverClub"

Check our Facebook Group for updates and be sure to participate.

Maree Designs

Maree launched her Maree Designs Website.

To supply a one stop shopping and selling zone for all her SFI friends and team.

As a team we all support our members building their Client base for their On Line Store Ventures.

Earning commissions from all our teams participation and spending.

Not only with Maree Designs. But if with SFI earn commissions even when you sleep from all your down line members purchases from any random Triple Clicks or ECA Store promotions.

ABC 4  Affiliate Marketing.

I have done all the donkey work for you.

Supplying a step by step guide on how and where to promote any affiliate program.

Teaming SFI with GDI and Traffic Wave.

Duplicate for any network you wish to expand online.

How to avoid all the scams and false hype online.

Making your on line experience a pleasant one.

See how I generate a real income online.

Working from home daily.

Dollar Wise Network

Maree is the designer and co-founder of the Dollar wise Network. Eight years in the making.

Teaching and supporting my SFI GDI and Traffic Wave down line members and friends.

I am the Owner and Admin for DWSEarner. ABC4Income and Maree Designs. One stop shopping and selling zone.

I decided to write this book as I was getting so many requests from fellow SFI members.

Way to often members join affiliate programs, giving up before even starting.

Now all they need is at their finger tips.


SFI Success!  50 Pages of great training articles.

Strong Future International can seem like a mine field when you try to navigate your way around.

I remove the Stress guiding you on how to proceed One day at a time.

Years in the making.

SFI Guru shares her Step by Step Guide on how to Generate a real income on line.

Put the plan of action into play.

The Original One And Only Work From Home Program.

Earthquake Pictures. 18 pages to blow your mind.

This is my first book ever designed using Blurp.

I took these photos after the earthquake hit Christchurch. (2011) This was my way of getting my head around all the disasters.
I lost my home my business.
Needing to relocate and start all over was a horrifying experience.
I was determined not to leave our wonderful city, instead I was thankful my family and friends survived.
Approx 181 people perished that day. 1000 were injured.
I now research the internet on how to earn a real income working online.
Transferring my Maree Designs Store online in 2013.
My life was dormant for a few years, but now I am back on track.

No matter what the universe throws our way.

We can all pick ourselves up and set new challenges.

View Maree Designs Fashion Clothing.

Get inspired 52 pages of unique fashion.

Get your mind working, Maree wants members to be inspired and start up their own week end markets selling products then introducing all the people wandering and shopping to SFI.

When I gather lots of new information. I  design a new community Magazine.

All our Maree Designs Sale Reps receive this FREE.

Our members email Maree ideas and great articles to enter into the next edition.

We are more than an affiliate program.

We are a network of people making life time friendships.

Sharing how to generate a real income on line.

Sharing our life experiences, giving insights worldwide into the differences with our members cultures etc.

Request Our Free.

Community Magazine.

Edition Two. Published July 2017.

Receive this E Book. FREE when you purchase Via My FIVERR Store.

Great packages partnering with Maree Designs.

While learning how to support and reward your Down line members.

We are a community of members supporting other members.

With promoting and building client bases for their stores.

GDI Success.

All you need to get your Domain.

On Line today.

Step by Step instructions.

Admin has been a member since 2010.

Sharing random new members with her partners.

Traffic Wave On Line.

How to operate online, working from the comfort of home.

Now, if you do not have a business separate from being an Affiliate of TrafficWave,

that's perfectly fine.

It simply means your business is "email marketing" and you refer other businesses to Traffic Wave as an Affiliate.

That's really what "affiliate marketing" is all about.

Show businesses how to win with TrafficWave.

You will win in the process.

This is my Introduction to Traffic Wave. Built for success.

Bit Coin Crowd Fund Raising.

Learn how to set up Block Chain. What is Bit Coin.

How to set up wallets. Sending bitcoin and requesting bitcoin.

Start your on line Journey Today.

Send in a support ticket with your Bit Coin and Ether Wallet Addresses.

To receive Commissions + your DWSEarner ID to receive random spillover.