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I started to design and REFINE this Planner YEARS AGO! 

DAILY!  Duplicate this system for any business you wish to expand. Take your time setting up your network..  Start with Baby Steps that will turn into Giant Leaps.

Just in case you missed it...

Elizabeta shares her Google AdWords Campaign system in the forum...

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Bitcoin Kick Starter.                                   

GDI Proven and Paying.                            

Paid for shopping and selling. Rewardicals

SFI team building with Bitcoin                  

Maree Designs Team Leader club.            

Online Guru Down Line Club                    

A-Z Bitcoin Generator                                

This is where I have been designing my splash pages for years.

View my screen shot when you click at the left Your Splash Page

A page will open like this.

Above Click where it reads CREATE NEW.

Start Designing Articles FREE AT ApSense and Linketin. maree-wells-35288239 maree

Here Is An Example Of  an Article I have Designed. (log into my Linkedin Profile and click articles to view more.)

Check out my RevPages Designed at ApSense.

Rewardicals for Shopping and Sellin 

New Launches build down lines. 

How I generate a full time income working from home since 2010.


Start Branding and Earning.

Introduction to Sponsoring!    SFI the original work from home program!

Do you know anyone who might like to earn some extra cash (or a full-time income) working from their computer? 

I bet you do!  And even if you don’t know anyone like that, rest assured, there are millions of people around the world who ARE looking for just such a vehicle.
I will support and guide you on how to connect with them...  Using simple but powerful marketing tools SFI provide to you at no cost and with their inexpensive, plug-and-play co-op advertising programs like the S-Builder Co-op.
Because you are responsible for all new members joining SFI, via your gateway links, SFI will pay you “override commissions.”

That is, for every sale THEY make, you automatically earn commissions, too! And not just once, but for every sale they make, month after month, year after year...for life (i.e.Residual Income)!

Imagine having a dozens or hundreds of people generating sales every month... and YOU earning a portion of every sale! This is the power of sponsoring other affiliates in SFI.  Be sure to check all your emails for the Launch Pad lessons you will receive, SFI will show you just how easy it is to get started in sponsoring.
TIP: Did you know that studies show that the average 21-year old already knows over 800 people? Check our "Who do you know?" list for ideas for people to introduce SFI to.

Sponsoring Aids & Methods!
Many of our affiliates looking to create a successful online business are not necessarily marketing experts.

Here at SFI we want to make it as easy as possible for you to build your business. 

That's why we've created the SFI Marketing Center, containing a multitude of marketing aids and marketing methods.
The Marketing Center contains a multitude of online and printable market-ready advertisements you can use to sponsor affiliates.  Here's how to access SFI Sponsoring Aids:
1. From the main navigation bar at the Affiliate Center, Click Above the tab MARKETING.
3. You'll see menus on the left side of the page to help you narrow your results and find precisely the marketing aids you're looking for.  Select SFI under the Program heading. Then, use the remaining drop down menus to refine your results even more by:
    Type (i.e., text ad, banner ad, flyer, E-card, etc.)
TIP: To better view each ad, just click its Preview link.
TIP: To make it easier to find the ads you like in the future, click the heart icon on a marketing aid's preview panel to save it to your own custom favorites list! Then, simply click the My Favorites button to display them.
Sponsoring Methods!
The Marketing Center also contains a variety of methods–for beginners to experts–you can use to spread the word about your business. Here's how to access SFI Sponsoring Methods:
1. From the main navigation bar at the Affiliate Center, click on MARKETING.
3. You'll see menus on the left side of the page to help you narrow your results and locate the marketing methods you're looking for.  Select SFI under the Program heading. Then, use the remaining drop down menus to refine your results even more by goal, difficulty (beginner, intermediate, or advanced), and cost.

NOTE: You'll see the difficulty tab next to each Marketing Method to make it easy to identify which one is right for you.

Gery's Quote on the Forum.  No one can know when someone signs up if they're going to become active or not. That's how advertising works in all businesses. You advertise, you get leads, and you do your best to convert them into something more.
SFI Quote of the Day! "The starting point of all achievement is desire. Keep this constantly in mind. Weak desires bring weak results, just a small amount of fire makes a small amount of heat." -Napoleon Hill

This video explains how to promote SFI using DWSEarner as an example, it is pretty much the same with all traffic Exchanges etc.        

TAKE note this video I paid to be designed in 2015 before I started designing my own video's so I have no way of updating it. .

Sites change with the wind, I keep the down line builder programs I use to promote SFI updated at ABC4Income and Maree Designs. So be sure to check what down line builder programs I am using to solely promote SFI on a daily basis.

Do a google search to find advertising portholes to blast your SFI promotions.

Online Guru's charge hundreds even thousands of dollars, offering to support members get to the top of Google Searches.

Google search Maree Wells New Zealand I achieve this FREE just by advertising, and writing blog articles Via Apsense, Facebook, and LinkeDin. View my posts and feel free to duplicate.









Have open my splash page links above to duplicate the tex writing I copy and paste into the empty box.

At the left is what the Click Voyager Temp Plate will look like.

Start clicking the V drop down box and selecting the size for the text and suggested colors you see I use in my examples.

TO Upload PHOTO! Click the Browse Button. A page will open to select from your Computer Photo File.  Click the photo you wish to use then click the open button below.  Click CREATE SPLASH TO VIEW. 

Then open your Splash page and Click the VIEW Button to save the url for promoting.

ECA Store Maree Designs. Online since 2013.

Newbies struggling to advertise SFI. Check out my ECA Store.

Click the SFI Tool Box to generate your link to promote supporting my store.

This is one of  latest Customers review: Joanne S.

A-Z business Plan in a box training series.

"This is carefully researched and extremely valuable information. 

Lessons arrive one a day so it is easy to learn. 

Essential information about Bitcoin is included and a "must have" for anyone interested in Bitcoin.  Maree is a great teacher!"

Newbies! The internet can be a very dangerous place, lots of scams and false hype.
To Generate any sort of income working from home.
You need a Proven System Set In Place.  

SFI is the One. Original Work From Home Program.

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