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Just in case you missed it...

Elizabeta shares her Google AdWords Campaign system in the forum...

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Bitcoin Kick Starter.                                   

Maree Designs Payza Verified                    

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Fiverr Partner with Maree Designs            

Paid for shopping and selling. Rewardicals

SFI team building with Bitcoin                  

Traffic Wave Team Building                      

Maree Designs E Book Rewards                

New Launch                                               

This is where I have been designing my splash pages for years.

View my screen shot when you click at the left Your Splash Page

A page will open like this.

Above Click where it reads CREATE NEW.

Start With ADDING Your SFI Banner Campaigns and Website promotions at these sites. splashpage.php?id=11&r= adminsite splashpage.php?splashid=19& rid=78 id=maree splashbc.php?bob=maree 29184

Get into the daily habit of participating at these 5 sites to begin with Daily once finished with your SFI Daily to do.

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GO and duplicate all my Traffic Wave Training articles you will receive. Adding to your SFI Campaign.

Not a member sign up here. members/sfipays/affiliate.html

Find Campaign Codes to use here to generate my Prewritten letters. TrafficWave

Start Designing Articles FREE AT ApSense and Linketin. maree-wells-35288239 maree

Here Is An Example Of  an Article I have Designed. (log into my Linkedin Profile and click articles to view more.)

Check out my RevPages Designed at ApSense.

Rewardicals for Shopping and Sellin 

New Launches build down lines. 

How I generate a full time income working from home since 2010.


Start Branding and Earning.

Rewardicals for Shopping?

You can earn FREE Rewardicals when shopping at local and online stores, and then redeem them whenever you want for a variety of great goodies.

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Have open my splash page links above to duplicate the tex writing I copy and paste into the empty box.

At the left is what the Click Voyager Temp Plate will look like.

Start clicking the V drop down box and selecting the size for the text and suggested colors you see I use in my examples.

TO Upload PHOTO! Click the Browse Button. A page will open to select from your Computer Photo File.  Click the photo you wish to use then click the open button below.  Click CREATE SPLASH TO VIEW. 

Then open your Splash page and Click the VIEW Button to save the url for promoting.

ECA Store Maree Designs. Online since 2013.

Newbies struggling to advertise SFI. Check out my ECA Store.

Welcome! My ECA store offers great products.
Welcome to all my new connections.

My Mission is to Show You How To Transform Your SFI Home Business Online.
Generating a Client Base With Repeat Sales.

My name is Maree.  I live in Christchurch New Zealand.
After the Christchurch earthquakes I decided not to reopen another shop.
Instead I transferred my store to Triple Clicks in 2013..  

Learn how to explode your SFI Business!
Everything required at your finger tips.

A-Z business Plan in a box training series.
This is a great package to start 2018 with a Bang.

In This A-Z Series YOU will LEARN.
1.. How to participate with Bit Coin.. Setting up your wallet.. Full A-Z explaining Bit Coin.
2.. How to Set up a Domain.. Who I recommend is the best provider.
3. Newbies Training Guide.. HOW To Start building a mailing list of prospects.
4. Access to My Down line builder program for SFI Team Building on Auto Pilot.
5. Training and marketing Video's to start your on line journey selling and buying.
These Video's and Training Articles cannot be found anywhere else,
because I have designed them and hold the copyright to them.

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Winners must have made an active monthly purchase to win the Cash.
I use the LFMTE Script to gather all my customers to the one location work station.
In to win random prizes for support and sharing my ECA Store Links.

This is one of  latest Customers review: Joanne S.

A-Z business Plan in a box training series.

"This is carefully researched and extremely valuable information. 

Lessons arrive one a day so it is easy to learn. 

Essential information about Bitcoin is included and a "must have" for anyone interested in Bitcoin.  Maree is a great teacher!"

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These Video's and Training Articles cannot be found anywhere else.
Because I have designed them and hold the copyright to them!
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Newbies! The internet can be a very dangerous place, lots of scams and false hype.
To Generate any sort of income working from home.
You need a Proven System Set In Place.  

SFI is the One. Original Work From Home Program.

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